Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Conference Information

Accomodation & Venue

For your comfort we have prepared this GOOGLE map. On this map you will find

- the place of the meeting which is going to be the historical physics building at Philosophenweg 12.

- a selection of hotels at different price levels and reasonable distance to the venue. Price levels are indicated by colors (red=high priced, yellow=intermediate priced, green=economy priced).

- two walking routes to the venue starting either at Bismarckplatz - a central square in Heidelberg - in front of the hotel Panorama or at the Bus-/Tram-Stop "Brückenstrasse" in case you intend to use public transport to reach the venue.

Getting here & away

Arrival/Departure by plane

To get from Frankfurt Main Airport (FRA) to Heidelberg you can use the

- Lufthansa Shuttle (booking required, stops at the Marriott Hotel)
- TLS Shuttle (booking required, door-to-door transport)
- Train from Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg Central Station (takes about 1 hr)

From Mannheim Airport to Heidelberg we recommend

- Tram Line No. 5 leaves the airport towards Heidelberg ever 10 minutes (see airport info). You can buy tickets directly near the platform. Further details will be added soon.

Other airports nearby are Stuttgart airport and Baden-Airpark.

Arrival/Departure by train

From Heidelberg Central station to meeting venue you can take Tram Line No. 5 leaving the station every 10 minutes. To get to the tram stop please leave the central station at "exit north" and proceed to tram platform no. 3 or no. 4 as indicated on THIS MAP of the station. At the platform, you need to buy a ticket BEFORE you enter the tram. Further details will be added soon. It will take about 10 Minutes to tram stop "Brückenstraße", the starting point for your walk to the venue (see above).

Alternatively you may want to take a taxi. In this case you have to leave the station at the main entrance. A taxi ride to the venue will cost you about 15,- EUR.

Local WLAN-Access

At the conference venue you will either have internet-access via your EDUROAM-account of a local WiFi-network with its access information beeing announced at the conference.

Worshop Dinner

The workshop dinner will start on Monday, July 31, at 19:30 at the "Gaststätte Essighaus". You will have a choice from the restaurants menu card. More information will be provided during the workshop.

Local contact and help line

In case you need assistance to reach the venue, changes of your travel arrangements, or any other kind of issues you need to organise in connection with your stay at the conference please contact

- Guido Thimm (+49 6221 54 1805) or

- Andreas Just (+49 6221 54 1829)




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