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Welcome to the Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University

The most important prize from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for young scientists in Germany goes to Dr. Dominika Wylezalek (ZAH/ARI). (2024/03/25)

NASA decided to release new staggering observations of nearby spiral galaxies. Oleg Egorov from ZAH/ARI is one main contributor to transforming JWST observations into these amazing science data products. (2024/02/13)

Heidelberg University researchers receive computing time for simulating the behaviour of cosmic gases and plasmas during star formation. (2024/01/08)

12 researchers from Heidelberg University feature on the list of “Highly Cited Researchers” 2023. Dylan Nelson (ZAH/ITA) is one of the three natural scientists among the Heidelberg researchers. (2024/01/08)

The Ernst Patzer Foundation is awarding up to three prizes each year for the best refereed publications by doctoral students and young postdocs at MPIA and ZAH. This year, Emily Hunt and Reza Ayromlou are among the awardees. (2023/11/22)

Dr. Mélanie Chevance, Emmy Noether Junior Research Group Leader at ITA/ZAH, received the Hengstberger Award 2023. The award will support Dr. Chevance in organising a scientific symposium at the IWH in 2024. (2023/10/21)

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Next Astro colloquia
Apr 23
The Gaia mission: an exceptional astrometric, photometric and spectroscopic multi-epoch survey
Dr. Laurent Eyer (Observatoire de Geneve)
Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium
Philosophenweg 12, Grand Lecture Room
Apr 25
The Local Volume Mapper (LVM): Physics at the energy injection scale
Kathryn Kreckel (ARI)
ARI Institute Colloquium
ARI, Moenchhofstrasse 12-14, Seminarraum 1.OG
Apr 26
James Kirk (Imperial)
Königstuhl Kolloquium
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Level 3 Lecture Hall (301)

Astro & Physics talks in HD

Heidelberg Physics Seminar and Talks Organizer (HePhysTo)

Recent ZAH publications
Tung, Ngo-Duy; Testi, Leonardo et al. (inc. Klessen, Ralf S.)
Accuracy of ALMA estimates of young disk radii and masses. Predicted observations from numerical simulations
A&A 684, A36(2024)

Gerasimov, Ivan S.; Egorov, Oleg V. et al. (inc. Egorova, Evgeniya S.)
Stellar feedback impact on the ionized gas kinematics in the dwarf galaxy Sextans B
MNRAS 529, 1138(2024)

Parmentier, Geneviève
Cracking the Relation between Mass and 1P Star Fraction of Globular Clusters. I. Present-day Cluster Masses as a First Tool
ApJ 964, 140(2024)