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Relevant links

ARI's Gaia Services

ESA Gaia portal

ESA Gaia mission

Gaia mission home

Official Gaia blog

The Gaia science home page at ESTEC including many further links 

e.g. to 

  • project-wide calendar of meetings
  • more technical information on Gaia
  • Gaia news
  • Outreach materials
  • The Gaia Livelink document archive (restricted access)
  • The Gaia people finder (restricted access)
  • the Gaia Wiki (restricted access)
  • the DPAC data reduction svn repository (restricted access)
  • the Gaia Parameter Data Base (restricted access)

Note: Access to the restricted facilities is given through the "MyPortal" feature in the left-hand menu column on the page

Gaiverse is the GENIUS portal where you’ll find all the information related to ESA’s Gaia mission, whose objective is the creation of a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy (available in several different languages).

GREAT Consortium, EU/ESF-funded collaboration to foster and prepare Gaia-related research.

(GREAT = 'Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training').

ELSA Consortium, EU-funded Marie-Curie Research and Training Network to foster the development of a new generation of researchers in the area of space astrometry 
(ELSA = 'European Leadership in Space Astrometry').

Other links

Local Gaia document archive at ARI (restricted access)

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