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Outreach material

Gaia posters

Here you find thirteen posters dealing with Gaia and Astrometry, ready to be printed in high resolution. These posters were produced by collegues from Barcelona, Dresden and Heidelberg:

Outreach videos

Find our locally produced videos for outreach on Gaia and astronomy here.

Flyers and brochures


Gaia - ESA's galactic census - Copyright ESA

The Little Books of Gaia:

The little books of Gaia provide short summaries of the Gaia mission on A4 sized pages which can be foldet to little booklets. 

These books were produced by A. Colorado-McEvoy.. 

Here you find folding instructions.

Articles on Gaia

A very comprehensive series of two articles (in German), written by Ulrich Bastian from the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut at the Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg, was published by the German Astronomy magazine "Sterne und Weltraum". The articles can be downloaded for free:



Bessel's 1838 parallax measurement of 61 Cygni

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel determined the first parallax measurement of a star.

The digital scans of the pages of the original paper in "Astronomische Nachrichten" of 1838 is shown here.


Gaia Sky - It is a real-time, 3D, astronomy visualisation software that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX. It is developed in the framework of ESA's Gaia mission outreach. 

Download it right away and start navigating the Galaxy!


Here you find outreach video about the Gaia mission and its aspects.

Gaia in the German media

Here you find articles, radio features, and videos on Gaia from the German media.

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