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Dave Rupke new guest professor at ARI

Prof. Dr David Rupke

As of September 2023, Prof. David Rupke will spend one year at ARI as a visiting professor. Prof. Rupke comes from Rhodes College, which is located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He is hosted by the GALENA group led by Dr. Dominika Wylezalek.  

Prof. Rupke is an observational astronomer who has for more than 20 years contributed significantly to research in the field of galactic winds driven by AGN and star formation activity. He has extensive expertise with the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of mid-infrared spectroscopic as well as ground-based optical and near-infrared 3D spectroscopic data. In 2011, he helped discover quasar-driven feedback using this technique, a long-sought and critical element of galaxy evolution. In 2019 he discovered the most extended known galactic wind, which was published in Nature magazine. Prof. Rupke also develops major software for IFS data, which provided the basis for the JWST ERS Program Q3D (q3dfit).

Prof. Rupke is looking forward to scientific exchanges across the various astronomy institutes in Heidelberg. He will continue to study feedback processes in AGN with Dr. Wylezalek’s group using JWST data. He will work to connect galactic winds and the circumgalactic medium around galaxies using observational data, hoping to connect these observations with models. He is also planning visits to other research groups within Germany, including MPE-Garching.

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