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08/12/2016 - Gaia Sky version1.0.4
System Package MD5
Linux DEB package (128 MB)
RPM package (128 MB)
Linux/Unix installer (127 MB)
AUR package - gaiasky
Windows 64-bit installer (165 MB)
32-bit installer (161 MB)
MacOS X DMG package (162 MB) e57121c5c65f0faa00c155f0db7a42d3
Archive file TAR.GZ archive file (126 MB) eba79eaa8475fa39ec66c6def92b5fdb
WebGL (version 0.706b) Gaia Sky WebGL
Focal Plane Tycho-2
GIT repository Source code

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Installation notes

  • IMPORTANT: If Gaia Sky crashes on startup, remove the file $HOME/.gaiasky/ if it exists. That should fix most problems
  • You need the JRE 7+ installed on your system in order to run Gaia Sky.
  • The Windows and MacOS X installers come bundled with the JRE 1.8.0_92, which will install only if another compatible JRE is not found in the system.
  • If the application crashes on start or after the configuration dialog, remove the file $HOME/.gaiasky/ (linux/osx) or C:\Users\$username\.gaiasky\ (windows). It is possible that the old configuration file is not compatible anymore.

Windows installer

Download the installer and double-click on it. Follow the on-screen instructions. In Windows 8/10 SmartScreen may block the installation. If so, just click on More info and then on Run anyway.

MacOS installer

Download and run the DMG file. Please, perform a clean installation, not an update.

TGZ installation

Uncompress the archive in Unix-like systems using:

tar -zxvf gaiasky-[version].tar.gz

In Windows you can use 7zip or iZArc.

DEB package

Run the following in a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i gaiasky-[version].deb

RPM package

Run the following in a terminal:

sudo yum install gaiasky-[version].rpm

AUR package

Use any tool capable of installing packages from AUR. The package name is gaiasky. For example, with pacaur:

pacaur -S gaiasky

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