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Tutorial Enrolment

On this page you can register as a tutor for lectures that are supplemented by exercise groups. Before you make your choice, you should use the table below to check which lecturers still offer tutorial places and how many. Also, familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the various physics and astronomy majors. If you would like to register as a tutor, please use the registration form further below. On this form,

  • you are requested to enter some basic information (name, email, experience,...),
  • you should select your preferred course(-s) according to the respective semester term, i.e. winter or summer term,
  • you should select courses with your 1st and 2nd priority. In general, we will try to plan you for your 1st priority selection. However, some courses might be highly oversubscribed and your 2nd priority will then be taken into account.

After you made your choice you should submit your registration. A summary of your courses will be displayed and also emailed to you. Please take into account

  • that the current enrolment form is static, i.e. courses you select as 1st priority are not automatically excluded as 2nd priority choice,
  • that your choice is not automatically mirrored to the table below which is due to the fact that lecturers first have to approve your enrolment,
  • that if you have any kind of restrictions or additional pieces of information relevant to your enrolment you should use the remarks box of the enrolment form to pass this information.

Status of tutor positions for astronomy/physics courses offered during SUMMER TERM 2024

Last update: Nov. 16, 2023

Lecture SWS Lecturer/-s Tutors required Still available
PEP/PTP 2 - 10 10
Physik B 2 Christlieb (LSW) 10 10
Einführung in die Astronomie II (WPAstro.2) 2 Dehnen (ARI), Wylezalek (ARI) 7 7
Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics (Block: 21.3.-12.4.) (MVAstro0) 2 Pössel (HdA), Mapelli (ITA) 2 2
Stellar Astrophysics (MVAstro2) 2 Jordan (ARI), Klessen (ITA) 2 2
Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy (MVAstro 3) 1 Grebel (ARI) 1 0
Cosmology (Block: 18.9.-27.9.) (MVAstro4) 1 Pillepich (MPIA) 1 1
Astronomical Techniques (MKEP5) 2 Pasquali (ARI) 4 4
Introduction to Computational Physics (UKWR2) 3 Klessen (ITA), Reißl (ITA) 8 8
Introduction to GPU Accelerated Computing (Block:12.02-16.02.24 as part of WS23/24) 1 Spurzem (ARI) 3 2
Astrophysics Lab Course (19.2.-1.3.24) 2 Jochen Heidt (LSW) 5 0
Astrophysics Lab Course (23.9.-11.10.24) 2 Jochen Heidt (LSW) 5 0
Astrophysics Lab Course: Observations night assistant 2 Heidt (LSW) 1 0

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