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Tutorial Teaching

Academic personnel has a certain teaching load depending on employment status and contractual regulations. In particular, there is a high demand for tutors for exercise groups which are part of most courses offered by the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.

This site gives a general overview of courses requiring tutors and provides a platform to assign them to the respective lecturers.

PhD-students and some staff members usually fulfil their teaching requirement as tutors for exercise groups which are part of regular lectures in astronomy or physics.

How to register as tutor

If you are looking for suitable tutorial courses you should first consider our summary of lectures and courses given HERE for astronomy courses and HERE for general physics courses.

  • For each course you find information on the typical level of students attending the course (BSc, MSc, PhD), during which term a particular course is offered (winter or summer term), whether a course is offered in the winter or the summer term, the work load as SWS (hours per term week) or "Deputate", the tasks of the tutors, the number of tutors usually required, and the language of the course.
  • The contents of the different courses are listed in the respective manuals for the Bachelor and Master curricula of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (see DOWNLOAD for BSc-Modulhandbook and DOWNLOAD for MSc-Handbook). In few cases, further information is directly linked to our summary of tutor-relevant courses or will soon be added.

Depending on your individual teaching duties you should select courses requiring the respective number of SWS or "Deputate" and proceed to the Tutorial Registration Form.

Steps following your enrolment

After your registration, we will process your data and return feedback if your registration was successful. For various reasons, this is an iterative process, but the following guidelines are applied:

  • Tutorials for PEP courses as well as Physics A/B have highest priority. Senior scientists should preferentially register for such courses, but PhD-students are also welcome
  • Those of you who have registered first will generally have the best chances to be assigned as tutors to the courses of their first choice.
  • It is up to the lecturers to choose the tutors for their tutorials. We will thus pass the registered names to the lecturers who will then inform us which tutors they would like to assign to their tutorials.

For astronomy courses, we will be able to give you feedback about your registration well before the courses start. For general physics courses, this feedback will take longer because we will forward the registrations to the respective course managers, who have to handle a large number of excercise groups. Nonetheless, we will give you feedback as soon as possible. In general, the demand for PEP courses is particularly high, and you can be quite certain that your first choice will be approved.

If you enrol as Master-Student

If you intend to enrol for a tutorial during the Master-phase of your studies you should note that your tutorial teaching is bound to a working contract as an Assitant Scientist ("HilfsWissenschaftler, HiWi"). Such HiWi-contracts are  - with few exceptions - usually scheduled for courses in Theoretical Physics (PTP) and lab courses in experimental physics. If you enrol for one of such courses you have to submit a fomal application. The application form can be downloaded on this website, where you can also find further information about the applications process.


In case you have any further questions regarding your tutorial registration please contact Guido Thimm (thimm(at) or Andreas Just (just(at)

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