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Covid-19 related situation at ZAH

Operations at ZAH premises are currently restricted. Buildings are closed for the public. Please contact individuals via Phone-numbers or Email-addresses listed HERE or get in contact with our Central Institute Management (23.06.20).


Dr Anastasia Fialkov from the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge (UK) receives a guest professorship as part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University. Dr Fialkov is an expert in 21cm cosmology and reionisation. (2020/07/24)

Interconnected Gas Flows Show how Star-Forming Gas Accumulates in Galaxies. (2020/07/06)

A team of researchers led by high-energy astrophysicist Felix Spanier (ZAH/ITA) receives 35 million hours of CPU computing time on SuperMUC-NG to improve neutrino mass measurements at KATRIN. (2020/06/20)

Das Astronomische Rechen-Institut hat die Astronomischen Grundlagen für den Kalender 2022 veröffentlicht. Diese bilden eine Grundlage für eine Vielzahl von Kalenderwerken. (2020/05/06)

Der Astrophysiker wurde prämiert für seine Beiträge zum Verständnis der Prozesse, die Sternentstehung und Bildung von Sternhaufen steuern. (2020/04/17)

If black holes and neutron stars merge within star clusters this only shakes space-time without any electromagnetic emission. (2020/03/05)

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Astro & Physics talks

Heidelberg Physics Seminar and Talks Organizer (HePhysTo)

Colloquia at ZAH
Aug 07
Near-field cosmology with the rapid neutron-capture process
Alexander Ji (Carnegie)
Königstuhl Kolloquium
via zoom,
Aug 28
Asmita Bhandare (MPIA)
Königstuhl Kolloquium
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Level 3 Lecture Hall (301)
Sep 04
Sascha Quanz (ETH)
Königstuhl Kolloquium
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Level 3 Lecture Hall (301)

Recent publications
Kuffmeier, M.; Reissl, S. et al.
Linear dust polarization during the embedded phase of protostar formation. Synthetic observations of bridge structures
A&A 639, A137(2020)

Reinoso, B.; Schleicher, D. R. G. et al. (inc. Klessen, R. S.)
The effects of a background potential in star cluster evolution. A delay in the relaxation time-scale and runaway collision processes
A&A 639, A92(2020)

Banerjee, S.; Belczynski, K. et al. (inc. Spurzem, R.; Berczik, P.)
BSE versus StarTrack: Implementations of new wind, remnant-formation, and natal-kick schemes in NBODY7 and their astrophysical consequences
A&A 639, A41(2020)