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Welcome to ZAH

Welcome to ZAH

The Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg (ZAH) joins the institutes Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI), Landessternwarte Königstuhl (LSW) and Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik (ITA). Its spectrum of research and teaching activities ranges from planet formation and galaxy evolution to cosmology and state of the art computer physics in parallel with the development and assembly of instrumentation for telescopes and participation in satellite projects.

ZAH Research Highlights

Quirrenbach/Wagner (LSW); 09.04.18


Am 25. April 2018 wird der erste umfangreiche Gaia-Sternkatalog veröffentlicht. Heidelberger Wissenschaftler sind maßgeblich an der Vorbereitung der Mission und der Datenauswertung beteiligt. (20.04.201)

Das Astronomische Rechen-Institut hat die Astronomischen Grundlagen für den Kalender 2020 veröffentlicht. Diese sind eine Grundlage für die Herstellung von Kalendern durch entsprechende Verlage. (29.03.18)

The Amerikan Physical Society (APS) honors Prof. Dr. Matthias Bartelmann as Outstanding Referee for quality, number and timeliness of his reports. (23.02.2018)

Alfred Wegener (1880 -1930) is known for his theory of continental drift. He first studied astronomy and received his PhD in 1905 at ARI in Berlin. In his new book, Roland and Ute Wielen describe how Wegener prepared his dissertation. (22.02.2018)

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Colloquia at ZAH
Apr 24
Weak lensing by large-scale structure as an accurate probe of cosmology and much more!
Henk Hoekstra (Sterrewacht Leiden, NL)
Heidelberg Joint Astronomical Colloquium
Philosophenweg 12, großer Hörsaal
Apr 26
Using Globular Cluster Stellar Populations to Understand Galaxy Formation
Christopher Usher (Liverpool John Moores University)
ARI Institute Kolloquium
ARI Moenchhofstrasse 12-14, Seminarraum 1
Apr 30
Fuzzy Dark Matter in Kinetic Field Theory
Carsten Littek (ZAH/ITA)
ITA "blackboard" Colloquium
Philosophenweg, 12, 106

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Recent publications
Gilbank, David G.; Barrientos, L. Felipe et al. (inc. Carrasco, M.)
Spectroscopic characterization of galaxy clusters in RCS-1: spectroscopic confirmation, redshift accuracy, and dynamical mass-richness relation
MNRAS 476, 1991(2018)

Panamarev, Taras; Shukirgaliyev, Bekdaulet et al. (inc. Spurzem, Rainer; Just, Andreas; Berczik, Peter)
Star-disc interaction in galactic nuclei: formation of a central stellar disc
MNRAS 476, 4224(2018)

Sollima, A.; Martínez Delgado, D. et al. (inc. Grebel, E. K.)
A survey for dwarf galaxy remnants around 14 globular clusters in the outer halo
MNRAS 476, 4814(2018)