Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Volker Springel

Astronomischen Rechen-Institut

Neubau, Room N.2-21

Postal address
Zentrum f. Astronomie der Uni Heidelberg
Astronomischen Rechen-Institut
Mönchhofstr. 12-14
69120 Heidelberg

Publications since 2017

  • Pfrommer, C. ; Pakmor, R. ; Springel, V. et al.
    Simulating cosmic ray physics on a moving mesh
    MNRAS 465, 4500(2017)
  • Zjupa, Jolanta ; Springel, Volker
    Angular momentum properties of haloes and their baryon content in the Illustris simulation
    MNRAS 466, 1625(2017)
  • Pineda, Juan C. B. ; Hayward, Christopher C. ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Rotation curve fitting and its fatal attraction to cores in realistically simulated galaxy observations
    MNRAS 466, 63(2017)
  • Marinacci, Federico ; Grand, Robert J. J. ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Properties of H I discs in the Auriga cosmological simulations
    MNRAS 466, 3859(2017)
  • Zhu, Qirong ; Hernquist, Lars ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Baryonic impact on the dark matter orbital properties of Milky Way-sized haloes
    MNRAS 466, 3876(2017)
  • Kannan, Rahul ; Vogelsberger, Mark ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Increasing Black Hole Feedback-induced Quenching with Anisotropic Thermal Conduction
    ApJ 837, L18(2017)
  • Weinberger, Rainer ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Simulating galaxy formation with black hole driven thermal and kinetic feedback
    MNRAS 465, 3291(2017)
  • Ohlmann, Sebastian T. ; Röpke, Friedrich K. ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Constructing stable 3D hydrodynamical models of giant stars
    A&A 599, A5(2017)
  • Gómez, Facundo A. ; White, Simon D. M. ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Warps and waves in the stellar discs of the Auriga cosmological simulations
    MNRAS 465, 3446(2017)
  • Mocz, Philip ; Burkhart, Blakesley ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Moving-mesh Simulations of Star-forming Cores in Magneto-gravo-turbulence
    ApJ 838, 40(2017)
  • Grand, Robert J. J. ; Gómez, Facundo A. ; Springel, Volker et al.
    The Auriga Project: the properties and formation mechanisms of disc galaxies across cosmic time
    MNRAS 467, 179(2017)
  • Rodriguez-Gomez, Vicente ; Sales, Laura V. ; Springel, Volker et al.
    The role of mergers and halo spin in shaping galaxy morphology
    MNRAS 467, 3083(2017)
  • Hilbert, Stefan ; Xu, Dandan ; Springel, Volker et al.
    Intrinsic alignments of galaxies in the Illustris simulation
    MNRAS 468, 790(2017)
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