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Nicole Reindl holds new DFG Heisenberg position at ZAH

Dr. Nicole Reindl holds a new DFG Heisenberg position at ZAH (private communication)

Dr. Reindl is an expert in the physics of hot compact stars. Funded by a DFG Heisenberg grant, she will establish a new research group at LSW. Among other activities, her group will analyze the HST Treasury FUV Survey of the Hottest White Dwarfs. (2023/08/01)

Dr. Reindl obtained her Master and PhD at the University of Tübingen, where she worked in the stellar atmosphere group of Klaus Werner and Thomas Rauch on the spectral analysis of hot (pre-) white dwarfs, and developed services and tools in the framework of the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory. Her thesis was awarded the doctoral thesis award 2016 of the German Astronomical Society (AG).

In 2016, she moved to Leicester to work with Martin Barstow and others on a project that aims to detect a gravitational field effect on the fine structure constant.

In 2017, Nicole Reindl was awarded a research fellowship of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, which allowed her to continue her research on hot (pre-) white dwarfs from large sky surveys, close binary systems, and to investigate a particularly baffling class of white dwarfs, which show ultra-high excitation absorption lines in their optical spectra.

 In April 2019, she  was awarded an open topic postdoc position offered by the University of Potsdam, working with the stellar astrophysics group of Stephan Geier.

Funded by a Heisenberg grant of DFG, Nicole Reindl joined the Center for Astronomy of Heidelberg University (ZAH) on August 1, 2023. The objective of the DFG Heisenberg program is to promote researchers who are eligible for an appointment to a professorship and have demonstrated excellence in their research achievements.

By studying the late hot stages of stellar evolution, Nicole Reindl and her group aim to disentangle the various evolutionary pathways of sun like stars. A key role for this project will be the analysis of the HST treasury program "A Treasury FUV Survey of the Hottest White Dwarfs". Apart from this Reindl aims to understand the formation of hydrogen-deficient stars, to investigate the progenitors of central stars of planetary nebulae, and to understand the phenomenon of ultra-high excitation lines showing up in a significant fraction of the hottest white dwarfs.

We warmly welcome Nicole at ZAH, and wish her success with her exciting research projects!


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