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Anastasia Fialkov (IoA/UK) guest professor at ZAH

Dr Anastasia Fialkov (Picture: A. Fialkov)

Dr Anastasia Fialkov from the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge (UK) receives an international guest professorship as part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University. Dr Fialkov will visit Heidelberg University multiple times in the next three years, starting in autumn 2020. She will be hosted at ZAH by the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, where she will collaborate with the star formation group lead by Prof Ralf Klessen.

Dr Fialkov’s research activities are very broad and span a wide range of topics from the dark ages of the Universe to the present: astrophysics and cosmology with the 21cm line of neutral hydrogen, intensity mapping of other molecular and atomic lines, cosmic structure formation, nature of dark matter and its astrophysical signatures, transient phenomena such as fast radio bursts, low frequency radio observations and instrumentation, X-rays. She has developed an important code to predict the 21cm signal of neutral hydrogen, whose outputs are widely used by observers and theorists. 

Dr Fialkov will collaborate with researchers at Heidelberg University on better understanding the epoch of reionisation as one of the primary transition phases of cosmic evolution and deriving constraints on this process from multi-frequency astronomical observations. This also a key research topic in the STRUCTURES cluster excellence, and Dr Fialkov will participate in the cluster activities during her stay in Heidelberg.

The project “Expanding Internationality” is part of the Excellence Strategy of Heidelberg University and includes a funding line for international guest professors. The objective of this funding line is to bring expert knowledge of renowned international academics to Heidelberg University, to increase and complement the research potential in certain fields, and to extend and internationalise the range of research-based teaching.

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