2017-04-27     11:15
ARI Institute Colloquium
Speaker: Aleksandr Mosenkov (Ghent University, St. Petersburg State University)
Title: Structural Properties of Edge-on Galaxies
Seminar room of the ARI


I will briefly review the main structural properties of edge-on galaxies, which can be derived via photometric decomposition analysis and radiative transfer modeling. I use observations from UV to far-infrared and sub-millimeter wavelengths, which allow us to study both stellar and dust properties. I consider edge-on galaxies of different morphologies: from early- to late-type spirals, including peculiar galaxies with polar rings and polar bulges, and galaxies with different structural features (disk warps and truncations, low-surface-brightness features, boxy/peanut-shaped bulges, and galaxies with very thin disks). For this study, the new software pipeline DECA for performing automated and manual disk-bulge decompositions and estimating galactic structural parameters was developed. DECA provides new capabilities to investigate large samples of galaxies and to obtain their general structural characteristics as well as to carry out a detailed analysis of various galactic features. I will discuss some well-known galaxy scaling relations with an attempt to link them to galaxy formation and evolution.

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