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Salary and Pension

After you have signed a temporary employment contract as a scientist at ZAH you think about your scientific career. Although it seems to be far away - you have to think about your pension laready now.

In the public sector in germany we have a twofold pension system: parts of you income will be automatically transferred into a national pension system under control of the "Deutsche Rentenversicherung".

As prescribed by European Community Law, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung is responsible for the coordination of activities with the pension insurance institutes of the Member States of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung - and this is important for you to konw - also coordinates regulations agreed with pension insurance institutes in those States with which the Federal Republic of Germany has signed a Social Security Agreement (Contracting States).

An excellent englisch overview on the "Deutsche Rentenversicherung" can be found HERE.

Since you are employed in the public sector you benefit from additional pension provision under the Collective Labour Agreement on Pensions under control of the "Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (VBL)".

The employer registers its employees for the compulsory insurance with the VBL (VBLklassik scheme). For salaried scientists with temporary employment contracts, however, the labour agreement provides an alternative arrangement. Scientific employees are typically employed for a short period of time and often unable to accumulate the 60 months of insurance (qualifying period), which is a prerequisite for acquiring a vested entitlement to pension in the VBLklassik. Therefore, they are presented with a choice. They can opt for the VBLextra instead of the VBLklassik.

In such cases, their employer has to provide supplementary pension coverage through VBLextra. The benefit: You acquire a pension entitlement without having to meet the qualifying period requirement.




are unable to accumulate the 60 months of insurance (qualifying period) which is a prerequisite for a pension entitlement in the VBLklassik scheme (compulsary insurance). You might then not be entitled to receive a pension later on. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to opt for an insurance in the VBLextra scheme instead of the VBLklassik scheme. In the VBLextra there is no qualifying period requirement for receiving a pension.

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