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ZAH Astronomers Convention 2018


Please register HERE and provide us additonal information to customize the convention according to your personel preferences.


Wednesday, February 22, 2018, starting at 9:00 s.t.


The Astronomers' Convention 2018 will take place at our physics building at Philosophenweg 12.

Outline of our Convention

At this convention you will gain a general overview of various current topics of astronomical research at ZAH/SFB881 and have the opportunity to get in touch with ideas, approaches, and scientific networks available in-house, which may be helpful for your own work. Extensive ample room for discussions between and after the talks is planned to foster collaborations or acquaintances between people.

This convention is organised by students and scientists from ZAH/SFB881 and will be partially funded by SFB 881.


We have finalised the conference format and the current schedule can be downloaded here.

LOC and Kontact

Member sof the LOC are:

Martin Altmann (ARI)
Dimitrios Gouliermis (ITA)
Guido Thimm (ZAH)
Jenny Wagner (ARI)
Steffi Yen (LSW)



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