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General schedule
The meeting starts on Monday, July 31, 10:00 and ends on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 17:00. Monday or Tuesday afternoon will be reserved for members of the RAVE-collaboration only.

Preliminary Program (last update June 19, 2017)

Monday, 31.7.17

10:00    E. Grebel (ARI)
Welcome and Opening

10:10    M. Steinmetz (AIP)
Status Report of RAVE

10:40    Coffee

11:10    G. Guiglion (AIP)
THE RADIAL VELOCITY EXPERIMENT (RAVE): preparing the sixth Data Release chemical abundances with GAUGUIN

11:40    P. McMillan (Lund Obs)
Combining RAVE and TGAS - the reverse pipeline

12:10    M. Valentini (AIP)
Updates on the RAVE-K2 project

12:40    Lunch break

14:00    K. Sysoliatina (ARI)
The local disc model in view of the TGAS-RAVE sample

14:30    J. Wojno (AIP)
Correlations between age, kinematics, and chemistry in the solar neighborhood as seen by the RAVE survey

15:00    T. Zwitter (Univ. Ljubljana)

15:30    Coffee

16:00    RAVE closed session

19:30    Dinner

Tuesday, 1.8.17

9:00    R. Wyse (JHU)

9:30    I. Carrillo (AIP)
Vertical velocity patterns in the Milky Way disc: RAVE-Gaia streaming motions

10:00    A. Just (ARI)
The local rotation curve

10:30    Coffee

11:00    K. Freeman (MSO)

11:30    N.N.

12:00    N.N.

12:30    Lunch break

14:00    N.N.

14:30    N.N.

15:00    N.N.

15:30    Coffee and end of workshop

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