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146. 12/2010
Sales, L., Navarro, J. F., Schaye, J., Vecchia, C. D., Springel, V., Booth, C. M.
Feedback and the structure of simulated galaxies at redshift z=2
MNRAS 409, 1541 (2010)

145. 12/2010
Peters, T., Klessen, R. S., Mac Low, M.-M., Banerjee, R.
Limiting Accretion onto Massive Stars by Fragmentation-induced Starvation
ApJ 725, 134 (2010)

144. 12/2010
Gouliermis, D. A., Schmeja, S., Klessen, R. S., de Blok, W. J. G., Walter, F.
Hierarchical Stellar Structures in the Local Group Dwarf Galaxy NGC 6822
ApJ 725,1717 (2010)

143. 12/2010
Froebrich, D., Schmeja, S., Samuel, D., Lucas, P. W.
Old star clusters in the FSR catalogue
MNRAS 409, 1281 (2010)

142. 12/2010
Bian, F. , Fan, X., ..., Seifert, W., et al.
LBT/LUCIFER Observations of the z ~ 2 Lensed Galaxy J0900+2234
ApJ 725, 1877 (2010)

141. 12/2010
Bartelmann, M.
TOPICAL REVIEW Gravitational lensing
CQGra 27, 3001 (2010)

140. 12/2010
Külebi, B., Jordan, S., Nelan, E., Bastian, U., Altmann, M.
Constraints on the origin of the massive, hot, and rapidly rotating magnetic white dwarf RE J 0317-853 from an HST parallax measurement
A&A 524, A36 (2010)

139. 12/2010
Ernst A., Just A., Berczik P., Petrov M.I.
Calibration of radii and masses of open clusters with a simulation
A&A 524, A62 (2010)

138. 12/2010
Bonifacio, P., Caffau, E., Ludwig, H.-G.
Cu I resonance lines in turn-off stars of NGC 6752 and NGC 6397. Effects of granulation from CO5BOLD models
A&A 524, A96 (2010)

137. 11/2010
Xu, D. D., Mao, S., Cooper, A. P., Wang, J., Gao, L., Frenk, C. S., Springel, V.
Substructure lensing: effects of galaxies, globular clusters and satellite streams
MNRAS 408, 1721 (2010)

136. 11/2010
Ferreras, I., Saha, P., Leier, D., Courbin, F., Falco, E.
Constraining the low-mass end of the initial mass function with gravitational lensing
MNRAS 409, L30 - L34 (2010)

135. 11/2010
Schleicher, D. R. G. , Banerjee, R., Sur, S., Arshakian, T. G., Klessen, R. S., Beck, R., Spaans, M.
Small-scale dynamo action during the formation of the first stars and galaxies. I. The ideal MHD limit
A&A 522A,115 (2010)

134. 11/2010
Andrae, R., Melchior, P., Bartelmann, M.
Soft clustering analysis of galaxy morphologies: a worked example with SDSS
A&A 522A, 21 (2010)

133. 11/2010
Paudel, S., Lisker, T., Janz, J.
Nuclei of Early-type Dwarf Galaxies: Are They Progenitors of Ultracompact Dwarf Galaxies?
ApJ 724, L64-L68 (2010)

132. 11/2010
Fulbright, J.P., Wyse, R.F.G., Ruchti, G.R., Gilmore, G.F., Grebel, E.K., et al.
The RAVE Survey: Rich in Very Metal-poor Stars
ApJ 724, L104 (2010)

131. 11/2010
Jordi, K., Grebel, E.K.
Search for extratidal features around 17 globular clusters in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
A&A 522, A71 (2010)

130. 11/2010
Zwitter, T., Matijevic, G., Breddels, M.A., Smith, M.C., Helmi, A., Munari, U., Bienayme, O., Binney, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Boeche, C., Brown, A.G.A., Campbell, R., Freeman, K.C., Fulbright, J., Gibson, B., Gilmore, G., Grebel, E.K., et al.
Distance determination for RAVE stars using stellar models. II. Most likely values assuming a standard stellar evolution scenario
A&A 522, A54 (2010)

129. 11/2010
Chantry, V., Sluse, D., Magain, P.
COSMOGRAIL: the COSmological MOnitoring of GRAvItational Lenses VIII. Deconvolution of high resolution near-IR images and simple mass models for 7 gravitationally lensed quasars
A&A 522, A95 (2010)

128. 11/2010
Sbordone, L., Bonifacio, P., Caffau, E., Ludwig, H.-G., ..., Christlieb, N., et al.
The metal-poor end of the Spite plateau. I. Stellar parameters, metallicities, and lithium abundances
A&A 522, A26 (2010)

127. 11/2010
Stumpf, M.B., Brandner, W., ..., Köhler, R., et al.
The Search for Planetary Mass Companions to Field Brown Dwarfs with HST/NICMOS
ApJ 724, 1 (2010)

126. 11/2010
Ryu, Y.-H., Liebig, C., Maier, G., Wambsganss, J., Zimmer, F.
OGLE-2009-BLG-092/MOA-2009-BLG-137: a dramatic repeating event with the second perturbation predicted by real-time analysis
ApJ 723, 81 - 88 (2010)

125. 11/2010
Hwang, K.-H., Cassan, A., Wambsganss, J. et al.
OGLE-2005-BLG-153: Microlensing discovery and characterization of a very low mass binary
ApJ 723, 797 - 802 (2010)

124. 11/2010
Helton, L.A., Woodward, C.E., ..., Krautter, J., et al.
The Dusty Nova V1065 Centauri (Nova Cen 2007): a Spectroscopic Analysis of Abundances and Dust Properties
AJ 140,1347 (2010)

123. 10/2010
Zhang, Y., Springel, V., Yang, X.
Genus Statistics Using the Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimation Method. I. Tests with the Millennium Simulation and the SDSS DR7
ApJ 722, 812 (2010)

122. 10/2010
Giocoli, C., Bartelmann, M., Sheth, R. K., Cacciato, M.
Halo model description of the non-linear dark matter power spectrum at k >> 1Mpc-1
MNRAS 408, 300 (2010)

121. 10/2010
Viola, M., Melchior, P., Bartelmann, M.
Biases in, and corrections to, KSB shear measurements
MNRAS tmp, 1576 (2010)

120. 10/2010
Pace, F., Moscardini, L., Bartelmann, M., Branchini, E., Dolag, K., Grossi, M., Matarrese, S.
A numerical study of the effects of primordial non-Gaussianities on weak lensing statistics
MNRAS tmp,1684 (2010)

119. 10/2010
S. Lianou, Grebel, E. K., A. Koch
Dwarf spheroidals in the M81 group - metallicity distribution functions and population gradients
A&A 521, A43 (2010)

118. 10/2010
Aharonian, F., Akhperjanian, A.G., ..., Behera, B., ..., Emmanoulopoulos, D., ..., Hauser, D., Hauser, M., ..., Kaufmann, S., ..., Pedaletti, G., ..., Pühlhofer, G., ..., Quirrenbach, A., ..., Schwemmer, S., ..., Tam, P.H., ..., Wagner, S.J., et al.
Discovery of VHE γ-rays from the BL Lacertae object PKS 0548-322
A&A 521, A69 (2010)

117. 10/2010
Joergens, V., Müller, A., Reffert, S.
Improved radial velocity orbit of the young binary brown dwarf candidate Cha Hα 8
A&A 521, 24 (2010)

116. 10/2010
Smith, R. J., Glover, S. C. O. , Bonnell, I. A., Clark, P. C. , Klessen, R. S.
A quantification of the non-spherical geometry and accretion of collapsing cores
arXiv 1009, 5395 (2010)

115. 10/2010
Li, H.N., Christlieb, N., et al.
The stellar content of the Hamburg/ESO survey. VI. Metallicity distribution of main-sequence turnoff stars in the Galactic halo
A&A 521, A10 (2010)

114. 10/2010
Joergens, V., Müller, A., Reffert, S.
Improved radial velocity orbit of the young binary brown dwarf candidate Cha Hα 8
A&A521, A24 (2010)

113. 10/2010
Kim, S., Rey, S.-C., Lisker, T., Sohn, S.T.
Color?Magnitude Relations of Early-type Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster: An Ultraviolet Perspective
ApJ 721, L72-L77 (2010)

112. 10/2010
Shetrone, M., Martell, S., Wilkerson, R., Adams, J., Siegel, M.H., Smith, G.H. and Bond, H.E.
Light-Element Abundance Variations at Low Metallicity: the Globular Cluster NGC 5466
AJ 140, 1119 (2010)

111. 10/2010
Sur, S., Schleicher, D. R. G., Banerjee, R., Federrath, C., Klessen, R. S.
The Generation of Strong Magnetic Fields During the Formation of the First Stars
ApJ 721, 134 (2010)

110. 10/2010
Ruchti, G.R., Fulbright, J.P., Wyse, R.F.G., Gilmore, G.F., Bienayme, O., Binney, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Campbell, R., Freeman, K.C., Gibson, B.K., Grebel, E.K., et al.
Origins of the Thick Disk as Traced by the Alpha-Elements of Metal-Poor Giant Stars Selected from RAVE
ApJ 721, L92 (2010)

109. 09/2010
Sánchez-Salcedo, F. J., Lora, V.
The survival of dynamical fossils in dwarf spheroidal galaxies in conventional and modified dynamics
MNRAS 407, 1135

108. 09/2010
Tauber, J. A., Mandolesi, N., Puget, J.-L. et all
Planck pre-launch status: The Planck mission
A&A 520A, 1 (2010)

107. 09/2010
Mandolesi, N., Bersanelli, M., Butler, R. C., Artal, E., Baccigalupi, C., Balbi, A., Banday, A. J., Barreiro, R. B., Bartelmann, M., Bennett, K., Bhandari, P., Bonaldi, A., Borrill, J., Bremer, M., Burigana, C., Bowman, R. C., Cabella, P., Cantalupo, C., Cappellini, B., Courvoisier, T., Crone, G., Cuttaia, F., Danese, L., D'Arca
Planck pre-launch status: The Planck-LFI programme
A&A 520, 3 (2010)

106. 09/2010
Downing, J. M. B., Benacquista, M. J., Giersz, M., Spurzem, R.
Compact binaries in star clusters - I. Black hole binaries inside globular clusters
MNRAS 407, 1946 - 1962 (2010)

105. 09/2010
Schmidt, R.W., Wambsganss, J.
Quasar microlensing
GReGr 42, 2127 - 2150 (2010)

104. 09/2010
Gould, A., ... Cassan, A., Kains, N., Wambsganss, J., Zub, M. et al.
Frequency of solar-like systems and of ice and gas giants beyond the snow line from high-magnification microlensing events in 2005 - 2008
ApJ 720, 1073 - 1089 (2010)

103. 09/2010
Liebig, C., Wambsganss, J.
Detectability of extrasolar moons as gravitational microlenses
A&A 520, A68 (2010)

102. 09/2010
Schneider, N., Csengeri, T., Bontemps, S., Motte, F., Simon, R., Hennebelle, P., Federrath, C., Klessen, R.
Dynamic star formation in the massive DR21 filament
A&A 520, 49 (2010)

101. 09/2010
Klessen, R. S., Hennebelle, P.
Accretion-driven turbulence as universal process: galaxies, molecular clouds, and protostellar disks
A&A 520A, 17 (2010)

100. 09/2010
Bergfors, C., Brandner, W., ..., Köhler, R.
Lucky Imaging survey for southern M dwarf binaries
A&A 520, A54 (2010)

99. 09/2010
Abramowski, A., Acero, F., ..,, Behera, B., ..., Hauser, M., ..., Kaufmann, S., ..., Pedeletti, G., ..., Quirrenbach, A., ..., Schwemmer, S., ..., Tam, P.H., ..., Wagner, S., et al.
VHE γ-ray emission of PKS 2155-304: spectral and temporal variability
A&A 520, A83, (2010)

98. 09/2010
Hutsemékers, D., Borguet, B., Sluse, D.; Cabanac, R.; Lamy, H.
Optical circular polarization in quasars
A&A 520, L7 (2010)

97. 09/2010
Hutsemékers, D., Borguet, B., Sluse, D., Riaud, P., Anguita, T.
Microlensing in H1413+117: disentangling line profile emission and absorption in a broad absorption line quasar
A&A 519, 103 (2010)

96. 09/2010
Maturi, M., Angrick, C., Pace, F., Bartelmann, M.
An analytic approach to number counts of weak-lensing peak detections
A&A 519, 23 (2010)

95. 09/2010
Martin, N.F., Jin, S.
The Hercules Satellite: a Stellar Stream in the Milky Way Halo?
ApJ 721, 1333 (2010)

94. 09/2010
González Hernández, J. I., Bonifacio, P., Ludwig, H.-G., Caffau, E., et al.
Galactic evolution of oxygen. OH lines in 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
A&A 519, A46 (2010)

93. 09/2010
Martell, S. L., Grebel, E. K.
Light-element abundance variations in the Milky Way halo
A&A 519, A14 (2010)

92. 09/2010
Wang, H.-H., Klessen, R. S., Dullemond, C. P., van den Bosch, F. C., Fuchs, B.
Equilibrium initialization and stability of three-dimensional gas discs
MNRAS 407, 705 (2010)

91. 09/2010
Wang, H.-H., Klessen, R. S. , Dullemond, C. P., van den Bosch, F. C., Fuchs, B.
Equilibrium initialization and stability of three-dimensional gas discs
MNRAS 407, 705 (2010)

90. 09/2010
Kane, S.R., Reffert, S., ..., Schwab, C., ..., Bergmann, C.
On the Transit Potential of the Planet Orbiting Iota Draconis
ApJ 720, 1644 (2010)

89. 08/2010
Jin, S.
GCN: a gaseous Galactic halo stream?
MNRAS 408, L85 (2010)

88. 08/2010
Horesh, A., Maoz, D., Ebeling, H., Seidel, G., Bartelmann, M.
The lensing efficiencies of MACS X-ray-selected versus RCS optically selected galaxy clusters
MNRAS 406, 1318 (2010)

87. 08/2010
Pace, F., Waizmann, J.-C., Bartelmann, M.
Spherical collapse model in dark-energy cosmologies
MNRAS 406, 1865 (2010)

86. 08/2010
Peters, T., Mac Low, M.-M. , Banerjee, R., Klessen, R. S., Dullemond, C. P.
Understanding Spatial and Spectral Morphologies of Ultracompact H II Regions
ApJ 719, 831 (2010)

85. 08/2010
Price, D. J., Federrath, C.
A comparison between grid and particle methods on the statistics of driven, supersonic, isothermal turbulence
MNRAS 406, 1659 (2010)

84. 08/2010
Tam, C.R., Stairs, I.H., Wagner, S., et al.
A search for the binary companion to PSRJ1740-3052
MNRAS 406, 1848 (2010)

83. 07/2010
Caffau, E., Sbordone, L., Ludwig, H.-G., et al.
Sulphur abundances in halo stars from multiplet 3 at 1045 nm
AN 331, 725 (2010)

82. 07/2010
Dominik, M., ... Anguita, T., Liebig, C., Wambsganss, J., Zub, M.
Realisation of a fully-deterministic microlensing observing strategy for inferring planet populations
AN 331, 7, 671 - 691 (2010)

81. 07/2010
Fouque, P., ...Wambsganss, J. et al.
OGLE 2008 - BLG - 290: An accurate measurement of the limb darkening of a galactic bulge K Giant spatially resolved by microlensing
A&A 518, A51 (2010)

80. 07/2010
Angrick, C., Bartelmann, M.
Triaxial collapse and virialisation of dark-matter haloes
A&A 518A, 38 (2010)

79. 07/2010
Giocoli, C., Bartelmann, M., Sheth, R. K., Cacciato, M.
Halo model description of the non-linear dark matter power spectrum at k >> 1Mpc-1
MNRAS tmp, 1052 (2010)

78. 07/2010
Tam, P.H.T. , Wagner, S.J., et al.
A search for VHE counterparts of Galactic Fermi bright sources and MeV to TeV spectral characterization
A&A. 518, A8 (2010)

77. 07/2010
Glatt, K., Grebel, E.K., Koch, A.
Ages and Luminosities of Young SMC/LMC Star Clusters and the Recent Star Formation History of the Clouds
A&A 517, A50, 1-15 (2010)

76. 07/2010
Courbin, F., Tewes, M., Djorgovski, S. G., Sluse, D., Mahabal, A., Rérat, F., Meylan, G.
First case of strong gravitational lensing by a QSO: SDSS J0013+1523 at z = 0.120
A&A 516, 12 (2010)

75. 07/2010
Kreckel, H., Bruhns, H., Cízek, M., Glover, S. C. O. , Miller, K. A., Urbain, X, Savin D. W.
Experimental Results for H2 Formation from H? and H and Implications for First Star Formation
Science 329 , 5987 (2010)

74. 07/2010
Matijevi[cHATSCHEK], G., Zwitter, T., Munari, U., Bienaymé, O., Binney, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Boeche, C., Campbell, R., Freeman, K. C., Gibson, B., Gilmore, G., Grebel, E.K., et al.
Double-lined Spectroscopic Binary Stars in the Radial Velocity Experiment Survey
AJ 140, 184 - 195 (2010)

73. 06/2010
Kauffmann, J., Pillai, T., Shetty, R.; Myers, P. C.; Goodman, A. A.
The Mass-size Relation from Clouds to Cores. II. Solar Neighborhood Clouds
ApJ 716, 433 (2010)

72. 06/2010
Lagattuta, D. J., Fassnacht, C. D., ... , Anguita, T.
Cosmic Evolution of Virial and Stellar Mass in Massive Early-type Galaxies
ApJ 716, 1579 - 1595 (2010)

71. 06/2010
Brunt, C. M., Federrath, C., Price, D. J.
A method for reconstructing the PDF of a 3D turbulent density field from 2D observations
MNRAS 405, 56 (2010)

70. 06/2010
Schmidt, W., Kern, S. A. W., Federrath, C., Klessen, R. S.
Numerical and semi-analytic core mass distributions in supersonic isothermal turbulence
A&A 516, 25 (2010)

69. 06/2010
Fiestas, J., Spurzem, R.
Dynamical evolution of rotating dense stellar systems with embedded black holes
MNRAS 405, 194-208 (2010)

68. 06/2010
Crnojevic, D., Grebel, E. K., Koch, A.
A close look at the Centaurus A group of galaxies I. Metallicity distribution functions and population gradients in early-type dwarfs
A&A 516, A85, 1-17 (2010)

67. 06/2010
Bombrun, A., Lindegren, L., Holl, B., Jordan, S.
Complexity of the Gaia astrometric least-squares problem and the (non-)feasibility of a direct solution method
A&A 516, 77-89 (2010)

66. 06/2010
Mashonkina, L., Christlieb, N., et al.
The Hamburg/ESO R-process enhanced star survey (HERES). V. Detailed abundance analysis of the r-process enhanced star HE 2327-5642
A&A 516 A46 (2010)

65. 06/2010
Acero, F., Aharonian, F., ..., Behera, B., ..., Hauser, D., M. Hauser, ...., Kaufmann, S., ..., Pedaletti, G., ..., Quirrenbach, A., ..., Schwemmer, S. , ..., Tam, P.H., ..., Wagner, S.J., et al.
Multi-wavelength observations of H 2356-309
A&A 516, A56 (2010)

64. 06/2010
Acero, F., Aharonian, F., ..., Behera, B., ..., Hauser, D., M. Hauser, ...., Kaufmann, S., ..., Pedaletti, G., ..., Quirrenbach, A., ..., Schwemmer, S. , ..., Tam, P.H., ..., Wagner, S.J., et al.
First detection of VHE γ-rays from SN 1006 by HESS
A&A. 516, A62 (2010)

63. 06/2010
Paudel, S., Lisker, T., Kuntschner, H., Grebel, E.K., Glatt, K.
Stellar populations of Virgo cluster early-type dwarf galaxies with and without discs: a dichotomy in age?
MNRAS 400, 800 - 820 (2010)

62. 06/2010
Fiestas, J., Spurzem, R.
Dynamical evolution of rotating dense stellar systems with embedded black holes
MNRAS 405, 194-208 (2010)

61. 06/2010
Greif, T. H. , Glover, S. C. O. , Bromm, V., Klessen, R. S.
The First Galaxies: Chemical Enrichment, Mixing, and Star Formation
ApJ 716, 510 (2010)

60. 06/2010
Abdo, A.A., Ackermann, M., ..., Heidt, J., et al.
The Spectral Energy Distribution of Fermi Bright Blazars
ApJ 716, 30 (2010)

59. 06/2010
Ostorero, L., Moderski, R., ..., Wagner, S.
X-ray-emitting GHz-peaked-spectrum Galaxies: Testing a Dynamical-Radiative Model with Broadband Spectra
ApJ 715, 1071 (2010)

58. 06/2010
Roeser, S., Demleitner, M., E. Schilbach, E.
The PPMXL Catalog of Positions and Proper Motions on the ICRS
AJ 139, 2440-2447 (2010)

57. 05/2010
Roeser, S., Kharchenko, N. V., Piskunov, A. E., Schilbach, E., Scholz, R.-D., Zinnecker, H.
Open clusters and the galactic disk
AN 331, 5, 519 (2010)

56. 05/2010
Sesar, B., Vivas, A. K., Duffau, S., Ivezic, Z.
Halo Velocity Groups in the Pisces Overdensity
AJ 717, 133-139 (2010)

55. 05/2010
Caffau, E., Ludwig, H.-G., et al.
The solar photospheric abundance of carbon. Analysis of atomic carbon lines with the CO5BOLD solar model
A&A 514, A92 (2010)

54. 05/2010
Pasetto, S., Grebel, E.K., Berczik, P., Spurzem, R., Dehnen, W.
Isolated dwarf galaxies: from cuspy to flat dark matter density profiles and metalicity gradients
A&A 514, A47, 1-12 (2010)

53. 05/2010
Girven, J., Gänsicke, B., Külebi, B., Steeghs, D.,Jordan, S., Marsh,T.R., Koester, D.
PG1258+593 and its common proper motion magnetic white dwarf counterpart
MNRAS 404, 159-165 (2010)

52. 05/2010
Glover, S. C. O., Federrath, C., Mac Low, M.-M., Klessen, R. S.
Modelling CO formation in the turbulent interstellar medium
MNRAS 404, 2 (2010)

51. 05/2010
Surdej, J., Delacroix, C., Coleman, P., ... Sluse, D.
The Optimal Gravitational Lens Telescope
AJ 139, 1935 (2010)

50. 04/2010
Kauffmann, J., Pillai, T., Shetty, R.; Myers, P. C.; Goodman, A. A.
The Mass-Size Relation from Clouds to Cores. I. A New Probe of Structure in Molecular Clouds
ApJ 712, 113 (2010)

49. 04/2010
Shetty, R., Collins, D. C., Kauffmann, J.; Goodman, A. A.; Rosolowsky, E. W.; Norman, M. L.
The Effect of Projection on Derived Mass-Size and Linewidth-Size Relationships
ApJ 712, 1049 (2010)

48. 04/2010
Behara, N.T., Bonifacio, P., Ludwig, H.-G., ...Caffau, E.
Three carbon-enhanced metal-poor dwarf stars from the SDSS. Chemical abundances from CO5BOLD 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres
A&A 513, A72 (2010)

47. 04/2010
Viola, M., Maturi, M., Bartelmann, M.
Constraints on the inner density profile of dark matter haloes from weak gravitational lensing
MNRAS 403, 859 (2010)

46. 04/2010
Brunt, C. M.,, Federrath, C., Price, D. J.
A method for reconstructing the variance of a 3D physical field from 2D observations: application to turbulence in the interstellar medium
MNRAS 403, 1507 (2010)

45. 04/2010
Schartmann, M., Burkert, A., .., Camenzind, M., et al.
Gas dynamics of the central few parsec region of NGC 1068 fuelled by the evolving nuclear star cluster
MNRAS 403, 1801 (2010)

44. 04/2010
Bedding, T.R., Kjeldsen, H., ..., Reffert, S.
A Multi-Site Campaign to Measure Solar-Like Oscillations in Procyon. II. Mode Frequencies
ApJ 713, 935 (2010)

43. 04/2010
Freytag, B., Allard, F., Ludwig, H.-G., et al.
The role of convection, overshoot, and gravity waves for the transport of dust in M dwarf and brown dwarf atmospheres
A&A 513, A19 (2010)

42. 04/2010
Chaplin, W. J., Appourchaux, T., ..., Ludwig, H.-G., et al.
The Asteroseismic Potential of Kepler: First Results for Solar-Type Stars
ApJ 713, L169 (2010)

41. 04/2010
Schleicher, D. R. G., Spaans, M., Klessen, R. S
Probing high-redshift quasars with ALMA. I. Expected observables and potential number of sources
A&A 513, 7 (2010)

40. 04/2010
Kausch, W., Schindler, S., Erben, T. ... Wambsganss, J. et. al
ARCRAIDER II: Arc search in a sample of non-Abell clusters
A&A 513, A8 (2010)

39. 04/2010
Federrath, C., Banerjee, R., Clark, P.C., Klessen, R.S.
Modeling Collapse and Accretion in Turbulent Gas Clouds: Implementation and Comparison of Sink Particles in AMR and SPH
ApJ 713, 269 (2010)

38. 03/2010
Caffau, E., Ludwig, H.-G., Steffen, M., et al.
Solar Chemical Abundances Determined with a CO5BOLD 3D Model Atmosphere
SoPh OnLine First 66C (2010)

37. 03/2010
Iapichino, L., Lesaffre, P.
Uncertainties and robustness of the ignition process in type Ia supernovae
A&A 512, 27 (2010)

36. 03/2010
Federrath, C., Roman-Duval, J., Klessen, R. S., Schmidt, W., Mac Low, M.-M.
Comparing the statistics of interstellar turbulence in simulations and observations. Solenoidal versus compressive turbulence forcing
A&A 512, 81 (2010)

35. 03/2010
Peters, T., Banerjee, R., Klessen, R.S., Mac Low, M.-M., Galván-Madrid, R., Keto, E. R.
H II Regions: Witnesses to Massive Star Formation
ApJ 711, 101 (2010)

34. 03/2010
Meusinger, H., Henze, M., Birkle, K., ..., Mandel, H., et al.
J004457+4123 (Sharov 21): not a remarkable nova in M 31 but a background quasar with a spectacular UV flare
A&A 512, A1 (2010)

33. 03/2010
Breddels, M.A., Smith, M.C., Helmi, A., ... Grebel, E.K., et al.
Distance determination for RAVE stars using stellar models
A&A 511, A90 (2010)

32. 03/2010
Chiavassa, A., Lacour, S., Millour, F., Driebe, T., Wittkowski, M., Plez, B., Thiébaut, E., Josselin, E., Freytag, B., Scholz, M., Haubois, X.
VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometric imaging of VX Sagittarii's inhomogenous outer atmosphere
A&A 511, A51 (2010)

31. 03/2010
Albrecht, S., Quirrenbach, A., Tubbs, R.N., Vink, R.
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