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Graduate College "gravity"

The grand subject of modern cosmology concerns the properties of gravity on very large scales where discrepancies to the general theory of relativity can potentially be found. Our proposal Astrophysics of cosmological probes of gravity on the largest scales is motivated by the progress of cosmology in the last years: Starting from observations of the homogeneous Universe on large scales and from observations of linear perturbations, modern cosmology is now starting to investigate fundamental theories of gravity in nonlinear structures, where astrophysical processes, competing with gravity ultimately limit the access to gravitational theories. Moreover, it is becoming apparent that successful scientists in cosmology will need to unify theoretical, astrophysical and experimental aspects, and will need to be proficient in statistical and simulation methods. In the proposed project we intend to supervise six PhD-students on their way to becoming resourceful scientists and to prepare them for a successful scientific career.

We encourage students to apply for the Graduate College through the Graduate School for Fundamental Physics or through the International Max Planck Research School at Heidelberg.

Bearbeiter: Bjoern Malte Schaefer
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